Saturday, November 06, 2010


A long time since posting. LIFE (all caps!) We rented a house, moved in, and 11 days later the house was foreclosed. I know that this story has played out for countless renters around the country--but you never think it could happen to you for real. The terms of our lease were sketchy--when we insisted on a one year lease the landlord hand wrote "min 1 year" on the Month to Month lease paperwork he presented us with. So we have found a new house to rent, will be taking the Bank's offer of Cash for Keys and getting out of a location that is a litigation hotspot. (the former owners are suing the bank, and weird mail for many different people shows up in our mailbox.) But the house has a lovely garden with a boganvia bush in it--so something pretty to look at while we get ready to move again. But it is so hard to carve out time for art with all this going on.


Lisa said...

beautiful illustration! :)
best of luck with your new home

Sarah Ackerley said...

Really nice, Heather! Very vibrant

Amy said...

Love what the watercolor is doing here! And you've really captured their gorgeous color. Hope life quiets down in the new place.

Jessica Bender said...

Hi Heather,
This is beautiful! If it's okay with you, I'd like to use it for a t-shirt I'm making for my brother--his band is named Bogan Via. Is it OK if I use this as the image on the shirt? I'm only making one shirt. Please let me know.

Jessica (