Sunday, November 27, 2011

More Leggings

Another pair of too short leggings with holes in both knees.
This is the work in progress, the paper is my pattern for figuring out lengths and positioning.
I cut long strips from an old T-shirt and overlocked both edges with a rolled hem on the overlock machine using contrasting thread. These I cut into smaller strips which I sandwiched between two layers of fabric.
This is how I sew the patches on the knees. I use a sleeve board to pin the patch in place really well, then I turn the pants inside out and scrunch down from the waist to get at the knees.
Here is the finished product:

Legging resurrection

I was going through my daughter's dresser and found several of these leggings that had become too short and had holes in the knees--but still fit her at the waist.
I've also confiscated a few of my son's T-shirts that have become too small and also have holes in them. So I cut circle ruffles from the T-shirt to apply to the leggings.
Here is the finished "new" pants with ruffles and a heart shaped patch.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Halloween costume: Medusa Headdress

My daughter wanted to be Medusa for Halloween, so I made her a snake headdress. I used large gauge floral wire and some green fabric to make seven stuffed snakes. I sewed the wire to the seam allowance at the head of the snake before turning it so the wire was inside. Then I stuffed the snakes with polyfil and sewed the opening closed. I also sewed some of the fabric close to the wire.
I built a frame by wrapping more floral wire around my daughter's head--and leaving enough wire to adjust it later as the snake tails would add bulk. The photo shows how I would wrap the snake tails around the headband. But first I needed to paint them.
I painted them with acrylic paint mixed with a fabric paint medium. When the snakes were painted I set the paint by steaming them with steam from the iron.
I sewed on little beads for the eyes. The tongues are leather cord, cut at the end to make a split. (the tongues were inserted in the initial sewing)
And here it is, a dramatic Medusa headdress with snakes that can be adjusted. My daughter loved changing their positions.