Saturday, November 27, 2010

Baker Face

My husband made a turkey cake for Thanksgiving, and I posted the image on Facebook. My Dad saw it and noted that one of the marshmallows had a face. So I took the image of the face, blew it up and added some lines and shading in Photoshop to make a baker face. (this week's Illustration Friday topic was "Savour" maybe that inspired the food art.) Below is the photo of the cake he made. Can you find the face?

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Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Hey Heather Girly!! Oh my goodness!! How wonderful it was to hear from you. Yes indeed it's been a while, but you have been busy doing your thing and rightfully so. I hope and pray that things are working out for you. There was so much in your comments that is so much alike for me. My daughter was being bullied at school and it was really getting to my husband and I. My parents really didn't step in for me and sister while we were in school and we got bullied right through high school. I didn't want this for my baby and I wanted her to know that she has support and will always have support. On top of all that, the last two teachers she had really didn't have a heart for children. I have never seen my husband so upset while speaking to a teacher. They didn't seem to care. My Sister and I got to talking and we both said that we felt the need to homeschool the kids. We will start homeschooling in NC when we move in the spring of 2011. I can't wait. While I will not be able to homeschool Zoe for a while, my sister and husband will be doing it. We are purchasing a large home for that both families will share. We have lived together before and we are going to do it again. I am excited about it. We need all the support we can get for both families to grow and thrive. I know how it is with the school thing. There are so many houses here in NJ that are being foreclosed on. The house in which I now live is being foreclosed on very shortly. The banks have done us so badly and my father just doesn't want to fight anymore. He is getting older and just wants to enjoy that life he has made with my stepmom. I told him just let it go. We will buy another house. It's amazing Heather. Something that has lost it's value and they still want you to pray through the nose for it. Anyway, I hope that all is better on your end. Life has all kinds of twist and turns, but if we follow our hearts we will get to the right places. Big hugs to you and your family. Season's Greetings.