Sunday, October 28, 2012

Illustration Friday: Haunt

This morning my daughter asked if we could carve our pumpkins.  And then she said, "you should do an owl." Okay... But since I didn't have a better idea I went with that.  Then I asked my daughter (who's in elementary school) what she wanted to do.  "A horse."   (oh my!)

I found a simple horse outline online, printed it out and then taped it to the pumpkin.  A few lines into tracing it all the spines on the little plastic tracing wheel were bent.  In fact we broke all of the tools that came in the cheap grocery store kit working on her pumpkin.  So we moved on to a dress maker's wheel for transfer and a hand held scroll saw for cutting.  I had to help her position and turn the saw, but she did all of the cutting herself!  I'm so proud of how hard she worked on this.

 So those were the tools I used on my pumpkin, and I also used the pointy end of a potato peeler for the scrape away bit.  Kind of like scratch board on a pumpkin, except much more difficult.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Illustration Friday: Water

It has been a while since I've posted--and even longer since I did an Illustration Friday.  This week's prompt happened to be "Water."  And I was working on this as a demonstration.  I was teaching an art lesson to my son (I homeschool) using Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste.  I wanted to see how it worked so I started playing around with it.  I also wanted to try to incorporate a photo using clear gesso.  That bit didn't work out the way I'd hoped.  The gesso blurred the photo and made it difficult to see, so I ended up re-painting the sting ray to get it to show up well.