Saturday, July 31, 2010

Illustration Friday: Artificial

So here's a question. I did this using ZeFrank's Scribbler tool. I drew a scribble using my touch pad (represented by the stronger lines) and then I ran the scribbler tool, stopped the scribbler tool, adjusted colors, transparency, scribbliness, and ran the tool again. I repeated this process until it looked done to me. The machine generated the image (and it wasn't even my machine, just some anonymous server somewhere out there) but I controlled the machine. Is it art? Is it artificial art?

So my thoughts about art are constantly evolving. When I was younger, representational art seemed more "artsy" to me. But when I realized that no matter how well you render that orange in your still life--while you can eat the model, you can't eat the image. All art has an ARTificial quality to it. So then I began to think that stylized art had more art to it, than camera precise rendering, which has more technique to it.

Monday, July 19, 2010

More Nature Art

This weekend I went back to the shell beach along the bay to do more nature art. (IF still didn't inspire me) I found a piece of charred driftwood and liked the contrast between the black and the white was interesting. It was also interesting to think about the contrast of fire and nature. Near where I was there are three acres that were accidentally burned by a couple of pre-teens.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nature Art

I watched a documentary on Andrew Goldsworthy the other night and was inspired. I took my daughter to the San Francisco Bay this morning and we did nature art by the shore. Here are my two pieces. (more photos here )

Family Art: Seals

We took a family vacation to San Diego. In the San Diego airport there was a painting that had been done by various artists of a single scene, and it gave me the idea to do one of our from our trip. I divided a photo into 12 sections and assigned various family members a square to copy as they saw fit. Here is the original photo.