Sunday, September 19, 2010

Illustration Friday: Acrobat

With all the complications going on in my life right now I've been finding it not just hard to fine time to put pencil to paper, but also difficult to find the mental energy.
Our cat is named "Tidbit" because she was very tiny when we got her, and we thought she was full grown. Turns out she misrepresented her age on her Humane Society application and she's become a much larger Tidbit. But she can still jump like anything. We play a game with her, or maybe she plays the game with us? At the kids' bedtime she runs into the bedrooms and I have to call her out, and then give her a treat. But I make her do tricks, like dancing or leaping in order to get her treat. She's quite the acro-cat.


studio lolo said...

I think cats are among the greatest acrobats ever!

I wish you well on life's issues ;)

Amy said...

Ah, Tidbit. Love the way you've captured her back muscles and haunches. Makes me want a tortoiseshell kitty!

chrysallidis said...

hehe! beautiful acrobat :)

Heather said...

ha ha ha! love your acro cat. they are amazing, aren't they?

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Hey Heather! I love the cat!! He is beautiful. Hope that all is well with you darling. I miss you. It's been a while. Hope that all is well. Hugs