Thursday, April 12, 2012

Aniomagic Sparkle Headband

My first techno-textile project is a success! I bought a Sparkle kit from Aniomagic. So I made a headband with the Sparkle and four LEDs that came in the kit. And when I hooked up the battery they started blinking! The Sparkle is programmable via the website--but I haven't played with that yet.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Camera Cover

The new camera I got for Christmas needed a cover to protect it when I stuff it in my purse, etc. So I made one from some purple fleece. As I was figuring it out I thought it needed a decoration. I made a pattern from construction paper first--to make sure it would fit the camera. Then I drew the pattern on the back side of the fabric, and used pins to mark where it would be so I could embroider the body and place the appliqued wings. I made the wings by sewing with pink embroidery thread over organza backed with a Pellon stabilizer, and then carefully cut them out.
I ran into a snag in the documentation of the final product--since it is impossible to take a photo of the camera in its own case! So this is what it looks like, the strap comes out the openings on the side.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Easter Eggs

The kids and I decorated Easter eggs yesterday. Of course I made it more complicated than it needed to be--but they had fun. My daughter was telling me about watching the Reading Rainbow episode about Rechenka's Eggs. I remembered watching it before, and we had tried using crayon resist on eggs before without much success. But I thought, what if we had some of those wax pens?
And then I thought, well maybe I could make some? So I hunted on the internet and found something similar. Not as much info on wax pens as some other stuff. I cut apart a cat food can with a pair of tin snips. Folded the metal up and screwed it to a dowel for a handle.
I used bits of crayon for my wax. I didn't have as much control with the melted wax as I thought I would. It ran all over the eggs. I think spouts in my handmade pens were too big. The idea is to put a wax design on the egg, dip it in the dye, let it dry, put more wax on the egg, dip it in the dye--etc.
Below are my eggs after their final dye bath but before I chipped the wax off.
And here is the final result. This is the one that worked out the best. The others looked a bit random.