Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Another Mini Hat Fascinator

I've created another felt mini hat.  This one I did as all one piece so the brim took on a ruffled effect. I used  Plaid Stiffy as the stiffening agent this time.   I also stiffened some yellow organza and green satin which I cut to make the flowers.  My daughter caught me making it and insisted I add a lady bug--and give the hat to her.  Oh, and I should put it on a headband.  
This is the hat drying.  I used an apple sauce cup for the crown,  put a rubber band around it and then sat it in a large yogurt container.  The little white bowl on top is for weight.  Once it was dry, I used the yogurt container as a guide to draw a circle for the brim and cut it out.  

I stitched on a band of purple stretch velvet for the hat band, and then attached the flowers.  Last I made the lady bug from polymer clay with wires for the legs and antennae.