Saturday, April 07, 2012

Easter Eggs

The kids and I decorated Easter eggs yesterday. Of course I made it more complicated than it needed to be--but they had fun. My daughter was telling me about watching the Reading Rainbow episode about Rechenka's Eggs. I remembered watching it before, and we had tried using crayon resist on eggs before without much success. But I thought, what if we had some of those wax pens?
And then I thought, well maybe I could make some? So I hunted on the internet and found something similar. Not as much info on wax pens as some other stuff. I cut apart a cat food can with a pair of tin snips. Folded the metal up and screwed it to a dowel for a handle.
I used bits of crayon for my wax. I didn't have as much control with the melted wax as I thought I would. It ran all over the eggs. I think spouts in my handmade pens were too big. The idea is to put a wax design on the egg, dip it in the dye, let it dry, put more wax on the egg, dip it in the dye--etc.
Below are my eggs after their final dye bath but before I chipped the wax off.
And here is the final result. This is the one that worked out the best. The others looked a bit random.

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Icarus Falls Again said...

My eggs were always one color and cracked...