Monday, April 09, 2012

Camera Cover

The new camera I got for Christmas needed a cover to protect it when I stuff it in my purse, etc. So I made one from some purple fleece. As I was figuring it out I thought it needed a decoration. I made a pattern from construction paper first--to make sure it would fit the camera. Then I drew the pattern on the back side of the fabric, and used pins to mark where it would be so I could embroider the body and place the appliqued wings. I made the wings by sewing with pink embroidery thread over organza backed with a Pellon stabilizer, and then carefully cut them out.
I ran into a snag in the documentation of the final product--since it is impossible to take a photo of the camera in its own case! So this is what it looks like, the strap comes out the openings on the side.

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