Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I have garden envy. My mom has lived in the same house for 31 years. And in the course of that time she, (with my father’s help) has built up lovely gardens. She belongs to a garden club and they get together and discuss flowers, and living in the Southwest: drought.

I’ve moved five times in the past five years. I currently live in a rental house, with a postage stamp yard and mature landscaping. (more like a postage stamp with a house shaped hole in the middle…) But the yard includes some beautiful tree-sized rosebays that occlude the privacy fence. And earlier we had Pride of Madeira spiking up. And one tomato, and one zucchini valiantly struggle in pots on the driveway.

My husband has plans to build an aquaponics structure. It is like hydroponics plus fish. The funny thing is aquaponics doesn’t qualify as organic gardening, because the fish manure is fresh! But aside from a small scale experiment that was dismantled, once the roof overhang shadowed the window from the summer sun, this is still locked in his head.

But then inside my head is a garden too. I've planted ideas: some have grown, some have blossomed, and some have withered on the vine. New ideas flit in and land briefly, like a humming bird, and flit off again--not even disturbing the branch. Were they even there?


Mel~ @ said...

Very COOL Heather, Thank you so much for linking up with me! I LOVE that you all are thinking of doing a hydroponics type of thing, I would love to see that. Yeah, I have garden envy too. Now that I have three kids who keep me WAaaaay more than busy my garden is over run sometimes by the sheer number of plants, and they are not trimmed, pruned, or thinned, but that is just fine with me anyway because I love the wild and full flow of my gardens.

Heather said...

When my kids were babies (in another state with my own house) I had a pumpkin patch--because the pumpkins filled in the space so fast, and all I had to do was water them. It looked like rich garden.