Saturday, August 01, 2009

Illustration Friday: Modify (Storyboard)

This is more about process than finished art. I'd been working on a set of postcards, (which I've become completely stalled on for a number of reasons.) I started my postcard series with a storyboard because I wanted them to tell a story. I then taped the storyboard up on the wall to serve as my inspiration. In the way these things go--I lost motivation on the project, but the storyboard never came down off the wall (piece of paper on the left.) Yesterday my daughter (age 5) asked for large paper and those pastel things. (I like to use oil pastels when I'm thinking because they prevent me from focusing on detail too quickly.) And she proceeded to do the "story paper" as she called it on the right. A modification of my own. My storyboard has a large image for the overall mood and color of the story and then rectangles mark out the scenes. She dutifully copied the number and location of my rectangles (including the one I'd crossed out!) and inserted her own story which involves a cat with wings, a flying horse (like mine) her babies and moose with wings--that even she is not sure what he's doing there. (I find it fascinating that the moose anomaly shows up in the "extra" 7th square.) She also went on to point out to me that she put the sun in the same place I did and that she did the grass the way I did it. The large yellow spots are dog pee.


Edrian Thomidis said...

Isn't it amazing to see kids' creativity at work?
I do hope you get back to your postcards and share with us the finished pieces. They'll make a very interesting story!

Indigene said...

It's wonderful that you are passing on your creative nature to your daughter! I hope she continues to inspire her Mommy to keep creating!

adrienne trafford said...

i'm anxious to see these when they're done (dog pee part is really funny)