Thursday, October 11, 2007

Desktop Meme

I've noticed various types of tag games going on in other blogs, and suddenly I've been tagged! Mary has asked that I show what my desk/workspace looks like. Uh oh. (This is sort of like having people over to my house without getting a chance to clean up...) But I do find it fascinating to see what kind of atmosphere other artists create in. So here is my corner of the world where a great deal of creating goes on. (I'm currently working on brochures so no work in progress is visible.) In reality I tend to create all over the house. My neighbors once discovered me painting in the garage with my table top easel set up on the dryer!

This is where the easel lives (when it isn't in some "exotic" location,) along with portfolios, and I'm not sure what all else tucked in there. I also have a stand of clear drawers in the garage filled with sundry supplies: paints, ink, pencils, an apron, oil pastels, quilter's plastic to make stencils...
So that's it. My little corner of chaos.

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Mary said...

Thank you Heather for taking part in my first meme! Didn't really know what a meme was until yesterday. I'm glad to see you work in a tidy muddle too. As for painting in a garage that's one thing I've never done! You will have to start a new meme, the randomest places you've taken your easle or something like that, now that would be interesting!
Have a fabulous weekend,