Sunday, March 25, 2007

Illustration Friday: I Spy

The hieroglyphs on this one say, "I spy with my little eye."

I made an interesting discovery the other day as I was placing my favorite bookmark in a book: It has the hieroglyphic alphabet on it! (Another keepsake from Egypt.)

I've been using a translation website to get my hieroglyphics, and there is some variation between alphabets and translations I've noticed.

For example the web site translates my name with the hieroglyphs on the left. On the right is the silver cartouche I used to make my signature cartouche. One uses the arm as an "eh" sound and the other uses a feather. (But then I cannot be too sure on the accuracy of my silver cartouche. It was one of those tourist things they sell while you are trapped on a bus. )


Ammon said...

More great work this week I see. I really like to visit your blog.

md said...

like the way u have used the hieroglyphics as a textured patteren in the bkgd

Jayster said...

Nice work.

I bet I spy was a pretty daunting experience back then.

player 1 - I spy my little eye something begining with bird.?

player 2 - Would that be an owl, or a bird of prey?

Player 1 - Bird of Prey

player 2 - Standing or in flight?

Player 1 - Standing.

Player 1 - Facing left or right?

Player 2 - Left.

Player 1 -........nope I give up... Try another one.

Heather said...

LOL! That is funny.
My friend who took some Ancient and Middle Egyptian classes pointed out that the ancient Egyptians didn't use vowels.

Nicole Brekelbaum said...

Another great idea. I am not familiar with what he is holding though? What is it? I love the fact that you use information from your travels and add it to your art. The boy seems a bit small compared to the mom. Almost as if he was shrunk down to size. This is the only thing that I'd change here. Nice observation about the vowels.