Sunday, March 04, 2007

Illustration Friday: Hide

When my husband saw last week's illustration he said, "It would be cool to do a series like this of them doing everyday 'now' things." (I'd been complaining to him that I'm incapable of developing a "personal style." even though I've been drawing/painting for over three decades) The other part of it is that I find exploring multiple styles so fascinating I can't give up the others to focus on just one. However this is a detriment in marketing myself as and illustrator and there I feel a quandary. It was heartening to read the IF interview with Von Glitschka ( … tschka.php )

where he said he let the project dictate the style.

But I bet I need some samples of maintaining a consistent style in my portfolio to prove I can do it.

(The hieroglyphs in this one say, "Ready or not here I come.")


Nicole said...

I like very much your Egyptian style!
The style it's a problem for me too. I love all styles!

Nicole Brekelbaum said...

Haha! I like the idea your husband proposed. You seem to be in your element with the Egyptian style. I would try to create the woman taller and slimmer to resemble the last illustration. The boy's body looks a little adult for his age. Keep at it and you will have some great, unique pieces.

Roland Mechael said...

nice egyptian style!

Halloweenville said...

really great!