Monday, April 28, 2014

Artist Trading Cards

I participated in the Women and Creativity Tete-a-Tete Artist Trading Cards event this spring.  What fun it was.  I experimented with a variety of techniques, most of which involved some sort of glass paint.  Some of them have clear overlays like the turtle, butterfly, and poppy.  Some were more of resist type thing painting with glass paint right on the paper.  
 And then for some I used the glass paint on clear (ink jet transparency paper cut down to size) and used the card part as a frame.  Here they are up in the window.
 And here they are on white paper.
 Today I got the traded cards back.  The lovely people at the National Hispanic Cultural Center collected all the cards and redistributed them.  They sent them to me in this lovely, very creative, recycled brown paper holder.
 These are the cards I received.  I was so thrilled to get them.  And so excited to see what other artists came up with.

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