Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Display torso

I wanted to create a torso for displaying garment pieces using paper maché.  
 I used pvc pipe to form a "skeleton" for my torso.  I drilled holes in the pvc and threaded hanging wire through it, so that the wire will hold up the torso by the pipe when it is hung.
 I put wire hardware "cloth" around the pvc to give the torso it's basic shape.  I crafted a basic pattern (like for a shirt) and cut that from the wire mesh, and then sewed the mesh together with wire.
 You can see the hanging wire here.
 I layered several layers of newsprint paper maché in strips (alternating direction) over the wire frame, and then did a final layer in brown paper that had been torn into squares.
 I put the squares on diagonally for added interest.
Once the brown paper squares had dried I coated it with a layer of two part epoxy resin to protect it and give it some shine.  

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Unknown said...

The amount of work is amazing. I may have missed some post along the way, but what was your reason for creating this...and does it go someplace after this?