Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cabbage Painting

After using natural dyes to color Easter eggs this year, I had a bunch of red cabbage juice left over.  I knew that you could make homemade litmus paper using cabbage juice, which made me wonder if I could paint on it using acids and bases for a reasonable effect.
So, I soaked some watercolor paper in the cabbage juice overnight.  It left me with a lovely blue tinted page to start from.
From there I painted with a variety of household items.  The winged serpent used: milk, lemon juice, baking soda and marinara sauce.  (milk=blue of his body, lemon juice = bright pink, baking soda = green, marinara sauce = orange/pink)
Once I was done soaking the paper, I boiled down the rest of the cabbage juice to make cabbage ink, which I painted in for the dark areas after the painting was dry.  You can see several of the paintings in progress in the next photo.
This one looks like a planet.  It was hanging by a corner to dry and I dripped some lemon juice on it which caused diagonal pink streaks.
And this one is an abstract.

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The Continuity Police said...

That is so damn cool.

Art is why we get up in the morning, innit?