Sunday, August 28, 2011

Extreme Makeover: T-shirt

I haven't been doing much 2-D work lately, but I have been working with fabric. When I went to the San Mateo County fair, I saw some t-shirts that had been re-styled and I thought, Oh I could do that with some of my old shirts. So I started with these two. One was from a school my kids no longer attend--back in Texas, but I like the design. The other was a sleeveless shirt. Just not as necessary in the San Francisco Bay Area as it was in Texas; I rarely find a good day to wear it. So I decided to combine the two.
I cut the design off the T-shirt, and put it on the sleeveless at an angle to add more interest. Then I cut sleeves from the body of the T-shirt. I edged the sleeves with a roll hem on the serger using a contrasting red thread to pick up the red in the design.
Then I stitched in the sleeves.
And Viola! a cute "new" shirt.

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