Sunday, April 06, 2008

Illustration Friday: Save

As I pondered this topic I thought about all the things that do indeed need saving: dolphins, rain forests, mutual funds (and don't forget Mustangs.) But then I became interested in things you can't save, like soap bubbles. They are pretty impossible to capture. They don't photograph well. And every time I try to depict them I'm less than satisfied (including this time.) (I even tried blowing bubbles in the freezer--they pop just as they are forming.)


J Short said...

What a cool idea. What can and can't you save. And I really love yoru painting. The contrast between the colors and the curving lives are really dynamic. If you're thinking of other things you can't save you might try depicting time or smoke. That might be interested and judging by your painting on your blog I know you'd do a great job at it! Happy painting!

Mary said...
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Mary said...

Hey Heather, that is such a brilliant idea, imagine if you could freeze bubbles!
I tried painting them too the other day, watercolours was quite succsesful.
Thanks for your comments on my work, I am slowly improving. I'm busy busy at the moment with work for my final show and Macmillan and things, tis all good fun, out into the scary world in July though but I'm going to try my hardest to beome a published illustrator! Wish me luck!
Take care for now xxx

p.s. sorry I made some terrible spelling mistakes in my first post and had to delete it!

Reb said...
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thedoodlegirl said...

Very cool! I love your colors and the whole idea of this piece.