Saturday, June 02, 2007

Your Paradise

While this is not my personal vision of paradise, I'm sure the kids might have a different perspective. Last night I took them to Ready, Set, Play which is a nicely appointed warehouse sized storefront filled with inflatable bouncers--the fancy ones with mazes and slides. My daughter and I had been before but this was my son's first trip. His jaw dropped and he clapped his hands to the side of his face as we walked through the door and he saw a Kid's Playland Paradise.


Nancy Bea said...

Nice colors on this! I am impressed by your tackling a subject that I would think very difficult...massive inflatable slides? Yet you did such a good job of conveying their form and function.

steve said...

Very cool drawing! What it would be like to revisit such a place as an adult, and to be uninhibited.

mike r baker said...

Very nice! My daughter loves bouncers but is afraid of that thing. We know her though and made her go on. After sitting at top for 5 minutes she finally came down the slide. She strutted around with a big proud grin after that.