Saturday, January 13, 2007

Illustration Friday: 80's

This week's Illustration Friday theme was difficult. How to visually interpret something so vague? Then I remembered my grandfather bought himself a Harley for his 80th birthday. He'd had one as a young man and well why not get another?
My thoughts on inspiration today are about keeping the mind nimble. The more I challenge myself the more I open up opportunities for inspiration. I've learned this from grandparents who have continued LIVING, not just being alive, well into their 80's (and beyond.)


Anonymous said...

Welcome to IF Heather! Your work is lovely. I can relate to the image you posted this week as we live in an area that is once a year drenched in the noise of the harleys on their way up to the Motorcycle week in NH.

All your images are lovely. I am glad you were able to post them. For Blogger issues, they have a wonderful site called Blogger for Dummies.

Anonymous said...

I can not think of a better present for his 80th birthday. Good for him. I am sure that he would love this illustration.

Michelle Lana said...

welcome and great work!

Anonymous said...

Hey that's a very thoughtful little story. I like it! Awesome illustration!