Sunday, April 30, 2006

Inspiration via Equine

I have come to the conclusion that words and art interrelate, but there is a third leg to my triangle, and that is the type of communication that goes on between a person and an animal, in my case, a horse. Oberon (Obie) is a twenty-year-old Mustang that I adopted from the BLM when he was four--sixteen years ago. We've had a long time to build a relationship and style of communication. My participation in the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Savvy program for the past six years has allowed us to take that communication to a whole new level.
The thing that I have noticed the most is that when things break down, and Obie isn't doing what I want him to do, the error lies with my communication. I had to learn a lot about controlling my body, and my emotions, because they affect body. Horses' main language is body language.
So my triangle is perfecting my verbal, visual and kinetic modes of communication, and I believe that they all feed each other.

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