Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Illustration Friday: Forgotten

I wonder what things the Anasazi knew that modern people have forgotten? I certainly haven't forgotten the trip I took to Canyon de Chelle about sixteen years ago. I went on the trip with my Mom and two of her friends. We camped on the rim of the canyon which is located in the Navajo Indian Reservation and spans the border of Arizona and New Mexico. A native guide was required for anyone who wanted to hike into the canyon. Our guide was practically as old as the hills around us, his eyes clouded with cataracts, but he scampered down the steep red stone rock into the canyon more quickly than we could! It was a magical journey to a place of incredible beauty. I wonder what happened to make them leave?

(and while I had strong memories of the trip--I had forgotten exactly where I put my photos--finding them took a little excavation.)


Meridth McKean Gimbel said...

That's a very beautiful landscape. I like how at times it's very abstract. Lovely brushwork!

(BTW I'm delighted that you had a cat named Baba Yaga!! Just shows how cool you are:)

Peachtreeart said...

You may have forgotten where the photos are but fortunately the memory is not forgetten in your mind!

steve said...

Yes, I saw some places like this around New Mexico--fascinating that people used to live like this. Sometimes all this technology makes things far more complicated--ii can be overkill. Anyhow, excellent work here!

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, this is really very lovely. Their little adobe community looks so fragile next to the towering canyon walls. You have such a nice diversity of style.


what an exciting trip! lovely reminder illo.

Dauphine Poole said...

Your site is lovely!I really like your style:]
If you are curious as to what happens next in the story, dont forget to check back soon for the next update!

Dauphine Poole

Raluca said...

what a great short story you wrote under this wonderful subtile coloured landscape!This must have been ''one lifetime'' trip!The way you portray the native old and almost blind guide,impressed me so much! I hope you´ll post some photos from this trip(maybe also one with this ''magic''guide?).This trip is not forgotten,you´ll keeep it forever in your heart!

studio lolo said...

Really nice!

I've always wanted to go there. Perhaps someday.

Linda Kay said...

Your illustration makes me want to visit there...lovely work...so much to think about
Thanks for sharing!